The more areas you can adorn a garment with heat transfer vinyl, the more luxury things you can produce for your customers. But how do you decide where to put your drawings on each item? For example, on a men's shirt, where does a left chest logo go vs a child's clothing? How to place a front chest design on a V-neck shirt? “How to Decorate Basketball Uniforms” is a comprehensive resource for design size and placement of logos on basketball uniforms. Additionally, you will also learn how to design other accessories associated with basketball uniforms. Use this guide to learn how and where to position your designs. As well as to get inspired to create new methods to adorn goods for your consumers. Remember that more placement alternatives equal more income for your company.

So, making bespoke basketball jerseys from scratch takes a great amount of time and effort. This article will go through several features of personalized basketball jerseys. This expertise will assist you in creating the ideal custom basketball jerseys for your squad. Let's get started.

Components of Custom Basketball Jerseys 

All of the jerseys available contain a variety of elements. Some common aspects, such as numbers and names, can be found on football, baseball, and basketball team uniforms alike. However, others are less prevalent. Today, the emphasis is on personalized basketball jerseys and their numerous components.

A custom basketball outfit consists of five primary components, which are as follows:

  • Jersey
  • Shorts
  • Socks
  • Stretching and warm-ups
  • Shooting tees

Rules to Decorate Basketball Team Uniforms

Although, the organizing committee develops and implements the standard rules for basketball uniform design. But these rules may differ from one committee to the next. Here is a summary of basic guidelines for school tournament basketball jerseys.



First, put the number in the center of the front of the jerseys. Moreover, the number's minimum size is 4 inches, and it should be at least 34 inches broad (without the border).


The number must be 6 inches tall and 34 inches broad (without the border).

Remaining Criteria

  • Write the number is written in plain Arabic numerals. 
  • The number design can have a maximum of three colors.
  • Make sure the number is visible.
  • Examine the list of possible numbers. Some numbers may be unavailable to the squads.
  • The design and color of the number on the front will remain the same as the number on the back.


Second, put the name of the school, its abbreviation, or the name of a team member on the front and back.


  • Place the identifying name just above or below the number either straight or arched.
  • Even when arched, the initial and last letter should be on a horizontal plane in relation to the jersey number.
  • Every number and letter should be separated by at least one inch.
  • Only use an abbreviation or ornamental accent in the name if it appears above the number.

Placement of Logo

  • Place a league logo/ US flag/ sponsor logo on the top left, 2" from the neckline.
  • The top right side of the jersey must include a single manufacturer's logo, trademark, or reference. Keep in mind that the logo cannot be greater than 2 1/4 square inches in size.
  • The front can display the team name, city name, or abbreviations either horizontally or arched. 
  • Commemorative or Memorial patches are permissible. However, do not exceed more than 4 square inches. And placed them on the left side above the league logo/ US flag/ sponsor logo.


Basketball jerseys come in a variety of hues.


  • Use one color for the horizontal plane stretching from just below the neckline to the end of the shirt, from seam to seam.
  • A locker tag can be attached to the bottom of the front of the jersey. Basketball federations do not regard this as a visible component.


  • Use the same color for the back and front of the jersey. From the bottom of the back panel to the end of the garment, use one solid color from seam to seam.

Uniform Side View 

  • The vertical center of the armpits is visible in the side view.
  • Maximum width of 4 inches, including trim, piping, and accent colors. It is essential that the seam be equal on both sides.
  • There are no color restrictions in this area.
  • In this space, you may place commemoratives/memorials no larger than 4 inches in size.


  • You could place the initials, mascot, or logo of the team on the right side of the seam at the thigh.
  • The basketball shorts must have at least one manufacturer's logo that fits within a four-sided geometrical shape with a maximum area of 2¼ square inches. Put it on the left side of the seam, near the thigh.

Other considerations

  • In some leagues, the home jersey is white, whereas the visitor jersey is dark. Though, it may differ depending on the federation. 
  • Some companies may place their brand or emblem anywhere on the jersey. While some are ready to give your team a discount if you use their logo.